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Oculoplastic surgery is specialised plastic surgery around the eyelids and face. It is also called oculo-facial surgery as the eyelids are continuous with the forehead, cheeks, and deals with the related tear system (lacrimal) and orbits (deeper structures surrounding the eyeball). Oculoplastic surgeons train as ophthalmologists (eye surgeons) and then sub-specialise in oculoplastic surgery therefore have an in depth knowledge of the eyelids, the eye and their function

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A high level of training is required because the eyelids and surrounding area present an extremely complex and delicate region of the face that is not only vital to the preservation of sight, but also to the normal appearance of one’s face. This in-depth training gives the Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon the unparalleled level of experience that is required to deal with the complex issues involving plastic surgery around the eye. An oculofacial plastic surgeon is uniquely qualified to perform delicate surgeries in this area of the face and to provide any associated eye care

Oculoplastic surgeons also do aesthetic treatments and surgery on normal eyelids and surrounding tissues to improve or change their perceived beauty, including blepharoplasty surgery, botulinum toxin injections and facial fillers.

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